Aaron Deal Darkest Hour I LOVE my Meatsmoke. It is definitely my favorite bass amp I’ve ever played through, the sound is just crushing and it looks killer. Ben was super easy to deal with and was able to incorporate a few custom features in a relatively short turnaround time before I left for tour. I’ve had it for 2.5 years now and it’s been totally reliable and always sounds awesome. I have to play on random rented or borrowed backlines sometimes and whenever I do, I can’t wait to get home and play the Meatsmoke again, it has spoiled me. photo:
Amadeo Pace Blonde Redhead
Andrew Seward Against Me “This fuckers heavy!!”
There are a lot of great amps on the market, and finding the right one can be difficult. I was looking for an amp that was loud, sturdy, dependable, played well with pedals, and had the capacity for both a great clear tone and an overdriven-tube grit. The fact that there was a company run by kindred spirits that could make a simple, solid, awesome tube amp for the same list price as the mass-produced manufactured-overseas strip-mall amps really made the decision buy a Verellen amp a no-brainer. The only bummer is that I love my Meatsmoke so much that anytime we play overseas and i have to rent different gear, it never even comes close to replicating the full-bodied punch of my Verellen bass amp. – Brian Cook
Cory Murchy Minus the Bear “Sounds like Bass!”
David Knudson Minus the Bear, Botch “Dave loves Verellens”
Erik Edwards Big Trughk
Evan Patterson Young Widows
Kyle Shutt and Bryan Richie The Sword Kyle : “The Skyhammer has the thickest wall of gain I’ve ever seen in an amp, it’s a real beast. Be afraid, be very afraid.” Bryan : “Over the last 20 years I’ve played just about every bass amp there is and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Verellen Meatsmoke is the BEST amplifier available. This amplifier has an incredible range that can go from squeeky clean to completely covered in filth in a flick of a switch. I would also like to state that Ben Verellen is one hell of a designer, engineer, public relations manager, and shredder.”
Nate Mendel Foo Fighters/Sunny Day Real Estate I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. It’s so nice to be able to plug in your amp and know that it will be loud and clear, and that I don’t have to struggle with an amp that is…struggling
Pete Koller Sick Of It All with his MJOLNIR
Scott Miller I contacted Ben about building something simple and powerful to run my Meatsmoke and Skyhammer preamp pedals through and we came up with the Monozygotic Twin amplifier. It’s essentially 2 separate 100 watt amps in one enclosure that can be used separately or as a single 200 watt amp. Now I lug this beast around instead of 2 heads and it’s equally as devastating with guitar or bass and can power up to 4 cabinets. I’ve never had so many people ask me about my gear as I have with this amp. Simplicity + Diversity = Verellen
Scott Yoder The Pharmacy
Seth Johnson It was a long road of secondhand, and substandard amplifiers, and equipment that led me to realize I had to find something unique to fit me. After looking around quite a bit, I was intrigued to find a local shop focusing on some of my favorite designs from the past along with unrivaled build quality, and offering full customization as well, Verellen Amplifiers! Ben and the guys were great about walking me through how they do things, and letting me get some face time with a few of their different models, and I never got the vibe that it was a bother to them at all. I placed my order, and in spite of it being something they had never done before, my build was completed right on schedule! To date this is still my favorite amp I have ever laid ears or eyes on! Not a single issue since day one and I could not be more pleased. Big thanks to Ben and all the crew at Verellen, Don’t change a thing guys! The Elder Loucks Rules!
Teemu Mantyen As a huge fan of 70’s amps, like the Sunn Model T, I was looking for a versatile, warm and vintage sounding low/mid-gain guitar amp with set of planet sized cojones sized and truckloads of dynamic range. After some serious digging and searching through lots of different makers, boutiques and brands, oh boy did I find one that was just perfect. I talked with Ben about what I was looking for in an amp and after few modifications on Loucks circuit, this dirty lady in red, “Laine” was born. With outstanding custom sized 4×12 Verellen cab this truly bi-polar and versatile Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde comes alive with angelic cleans and demonic overdrives that can deliver such loads of dynamic range, clarity and balls bigger than East-Germany’s women’s shot put team. It’s absolutely insane. When there’s words like “no” and “not possible” lacking from Ben’s vocabulary, and with top notch point-to-point quality and superb customer service, one can’t help but feel privileged to be a Verellen customer.
Tim Van Der Lee Like any musician, amps go in, amps go out. The Meatsmoke however will stay till the end. The search is over. As for Verellen customer service, I could not be happier to have my questions answered as quickly as the folks at Verellen do!
Todd Mcrackin Bassist for, Arm the Chicken Cannon and Tastes like Chicken. Discovered Ben and his gear through a friend. And very glad i did. Not only do these cool Amps and cabinets have the roar of a freight train, they are immaculately hand built with the very best parts money can buy. Bens customer service is impeccable. Every question answered in detail, plus his ideas on how to build an even better version of your dream custom gear. Living in Vietnam has many challenges, and there’s no access to high end gear here. After nutting out what i was after, Ben and his team got stuck in, photographed every step of the way, shipped it to VN, we plugged it in, cranked it up, and watched the locals punters chins hit the floor. Then we ordered more gear from Ben. Yep, it’s that good.
Tom Huff My Verellen Model T clone and my Electric together make the sickest rig around!
Trevor Shelton After trying one of Ben’s Spaldo models in a local shop, I contacted him to see about his higher gain and wattage amplifiers. After spending some time with Ben, going over my needs and wants for a new amp, I felt like he was the right man for the job. I expressed my need for flexibility with modern high gain, but my love for vintage tone. Ben was more than happy to accommodate those needs and truly created an amplifier that was voiced perfectly for my playing style and choice in instrument. I am amazed at the level of power, tightness, and clarity this amp is capable of achieving. Never before have I played an amp that sounded so full, warm, and bright. The level of service that Ben provided was great. Ben was more than helpful when it came to answering questions, and was able to complete the project in a timely fashion. The pricing was more than fair and quite affordable. Ben even took the amplifier to the next step by adding an addition crunch channel, making the amp more flexible and enjoyable. I am 100% pleased with the level of service I received and in quality of the finished product. Cheers to Ben.
Tyler Akidau I love Verellen Amplifiers. I have my reasons. Firstly, the Meatsmoke. This thing has so much depth. Clean tones with this amp are incredible, and I’ve never heard an overdrive channel with this much bite. It eats up distortion and fuzz boxes like you wouldn’t believe. You simply cannot get this sort of sound out of a mass-market amp. I use it for guitar and bass, and it’s amazing for both. If you want an amp that can sound like a Marshall, don’t get this amp. If you want an amp that can sound like a Marshall getting destroyed by a dinosaur with a chainsaw, get this amp. Secondly, the Big Spider. It has this thick and intense distorted sound with an almost pixellated undertone to it and a springy response that doesn’t sound or play like anything else I’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for something brutal and unique, get this pedal. Thirdly, everything they make is built like a goddamn tank. A gorgeous wooden tank that sounds like angels. Lastly, Ben and crew are amazing. Ben is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet. And he knows his shit. Give him your money. You will get awesomeness in return.
Vinny Padula BISHOP and MÖRDWÖLF A friend of mine moved from the East Coast to Seattle a few years back, and told me about Ben Verellen and the amps that he builds and designs. He knew that I was frustrated with my large rack setup, and suggested pulling the trigger and going MEATSMOKE. I finally did it, and will never look back. From the minute I received my Meatsmoke in the mail, I knew that this was very different than every other gear purchase I had made in my life. The woodwork is stunning; every knob and component on it is not “cheap” but built to last. And the sound (the most important part) is the sound that I had always heard in my head but could never quite achieve. I can get everything from that “Bogdan” grind that I grew up listening to and inspired by, to an all- out nuclear explosion on channel two (that is heavy and yet very musical). There’s an old saying, “They don’t make em’ like they used to.” Ben Verellen IS making them like they used to; only better.
Xavier Rose Back in 2010, I decided to do my internship abroad. After a few phone calls with Ben, I ended up spending a few weeks interning in the shop in Seattle. I had an amazing time learning about amps, pedals, cabs building and whatnot. I went to shows of my favorite bands, met great people and came back to France more motivated than ever to work with them again. When I got the money, I got myself a Meatsmoke, and since then, every show had ended by ” duude what’s your amp over there ? “. Thanks guys !
Zac Hogan Ben, This amp is a godly entity that produces an unbelievable, and ENORMOUSLY devastating tone none stop on the overdrive channel. I fucking love it. The clean channel is absolutely supreme; and the best part is both channels can be dialed in perfectly depending on ones playing style and timbre. Working with you was an awesome experience, and a pleasure. Your passion and sincerity is highly rare and admirable. Thank you very much for this piece of art. Zac
Zack Terrones Working with Ben both met and exceeded my expectations, he helped me get everything I wanted from my amp, from tone to color. When I received the head I was blown away, it’s the most beautiful amp I’ve ever seen, and it sounds HUGE. The other guitarist in my band has to use two heads just to be heard when I’m playing. It’s awesome.
Ziko The most pleasant and accessible crushing sound I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. The treble range sounds full but hard and big like a hammer but never brittle and annoying. The mids cut hard if I want them to or back off and mellow either by knob turning or from changing hand pressure. Very responsive expressive amp that does what I ask it to do. The lows are convincing and thumping but never muddy and still come through even the thickest of mixes. This thing breathes and is alive and organic. It’s like my own personal beast that responds to me in heavy metal language. Buy one or don’t but make sure you play one to see what the potential of the American tube amp can really be.
Heather Duby ”My Verellen amplifier is, by far, the best piece of equipment I’ve purchased. Not only does the amp have incredible tone and texture when turned up, it also retains that same depth when turned down for home recording projects. This is not the case for alot of amps, in my experience. Most thin out at lower volumes which makes writing less fun when working at home. Also, not only does my own crappy guitar sound great through it (read; Danelectro-good crappy!) but my piano also sounds great as well and the natural overdrive gives it a more interesting character. I cannot recommend Verellen amplifiers enough and I get alot of compliments on the obvious craftmanship that goes into their work. Thank you so much Ben, everyone should be so lucky to have one!”
Kevin Smart meatsmoke is still awesome, skyhammer still ruins faces, i’m getting pms about the beard spider. life is good dude.
Junior Tidal, My custom Loucks with reverb is more than an amp. It’s a versatile shrine of sound that can either scream and belt out a roaring, growling fuzz or a gentle, crystal-clean tone. Playing live, this amp’s unique heavy voice crushes and punishes the audience, much like a bag full of hammers. In the recording studio, it cuts through the mix like a samurai sword crafted by an insane, angry god. This is the kind of sound my band, We Are All Savages, strive to construct. Ben Verellen is an extremely easy guy to work and communicate with. It was easy to describe what kind of amp I was looking for and it turned out exactly what I was expecting. I was so pleased with the construction of the amp that I also ordered a road case to go with it. Mike Erdman not only did a tremendous job building a solid and reliable case, but he crafted a real work of art. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Verellen amp. No words can accurately describe how loud and thunderous this head really is; you’ll just have to hear one for yourself!
Jonas Sjöström Thanks Ben – it sounds awesome!
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